When you take the plunge to put on a TEDx event, you’re never quite sure who is going to come out of the woodwork and get behind the effort. Everyone has such busy lives, so I feel truly blessed to be supported by a wonderful team of volunteers with the most incredible collection of talents and experience and who are pouring their heart and souls into this project.

We are also extremely fortunate in being supported by a wider group of ‘Friends of TEDxSherborne’, helping us out with opening doors, providing advice, spreading the word and so on.

Together, I am confident we will put on an event that Sherborne won’t forget in a hurry.

Tony Cooke, Licensee & Chair, TEDxSherborne

Core Project Team

Our core project team are ably assisted by a small army of volunteers, who provide their time, energy and talents to support our efforts in delivering a world-class event. Our additional thanks go to:

SPEAKER SUPPORT | Chris Bird (Lead), Emma Ramsay, Jane Stewart, Jemma Dempsey

COMMUNICATIONS | Annette Cremin (Lead), Liz Murray, Jemma Dempsey, Holly George, Glen Cheyne, Kate Cox, Claire Worsley, Harriet McKay, Kate Whitlock, Katherine Massey, Charlotte Coulsey

CREATIVE | Emma Drake (Lead), Michelle Parish, Mike Fenton-Wilkinson, Claire Mason, Amy Wright, Jamie Clark, Matt Bone, Nico Goodden

COMMUNITY OUTREACH | Jon Riding (Lead), Emma Ramsay, Emma Morris, Jonathan Rider

FILM PRODUCTION & POST-PRODUCTION | Keith Seward (Lead), Compass Video

EVENT TEAM | Laura Barber (Lead), Michelle Parish (Assistant), Michela Francini (Chief Steward)



We also have a further two honorary ‘residencies’ open for motivated individuals to respond to the TEDxSherborne programme in creative and entrepreneurial ways. Whilst these are voluntary positions, they will provide the right individuals with rich opportunities for building a unique portfolio or identifying an idea for a new venture.

Artist-in-Residence | Phivi Spyridonos

Entrepreneur-in-Residence | tbc (please contact us if you are interested in applying)