Welcome Aboard to Remous Print

We’re extremely grateful to Alan Bunter and his team at Remous Print for agreeing to undertake our print needs as a pro bono contribution to TEDxSherborne.

Alan and his family have been building Remous Print for more than 30 years on strong relationships with customers near and far. They have diversified into a comprehensive broad-based offer that covers all print needs, but pride themselves on their local base and roots in the Sherborne community.

Alan is also a fan of TED, and so didn’t hesitate to offer support for this year’s event.

As such, Remous Print will be providing a pro bono package that includes our event programmes, passes, evaluation reports and exhibition stills.


Remous Print can be followed on social media:

Twitter: @remousprint

Instagram: @remousprint

Can your business help in a similar way to Remous Print?

We are still looking for further pro-bono partnerships with local businesses able to provide the following:

  • Branded merchandise
  • Event management
  • Event catering for 150
  • Venue hire & catering incl. private dining for 25, thank you party for 100

If you would like to offer your support, please contact using the form below: 

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