A huge thanks to Abbey 104

This morning our programme curator, Rebecca de Pelet, and I spent a very enjoyable hour chatting with Terry Bennett at Abbey 104 about TEDxSherborne – what it is, why we’re doing it and how it will benefit our community. 

TEDxSherborne licensee & organiser, Tony Cooke, with Abbey 104 DJ Terry Bennett and TEDxSherborne programme curator, Rebecca de Pelet

We had a lot of fun, not least because Terry had really done his homework beforehand and was wonderfully well informed, not just on TEDxSherborne, but on myself and Rebecca as individuals! We dug right into who we are as people, how our backgrounds have led us to where we are and what our motivators for putting on TEDxSherborne.


We couldn’t be more delighted to have Abbey 104 as our broadcast media partner, as well as having so many TEDx fans on the Abbey 104 team – Yanni probably being the biggest amongst them! Thanks to this partnership, you will hear lots more broadcast about TEDxSherborne in the run up to the big day on 9th May 2019, on the day itself, and then afterwards as we start to work on its legacy…and planning for TEDxSherborne 2020!

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