A Word About Our Poster Message…

In the last few days as our posters have started to circulate around town, I’ve had a number of people query our choice of poster headline. I’ve even heard of a couple of shops refusing to put the poster up because they believe our headline message is too negative and unsettling – that we are being critical of Sherborne.

I want to deal with this head on before any such rumour takes root as a belief.

First, a quick reminder of the poster…


…Yes, we do believe that Sherborne is an amazing place (though there are some people who would even disagree with that statement), but is it really facing an uncertain future?

Well, let’s be honest, apart from the certainty of death, can any of us be certain about our future?! By definition, the future is inherently uncertain, and to say so should not be interpreted as a criticism of Sherborne.

Yes, our aim with TEDxSherborne is to provoke an honest conversation about some of the challenges we face, but to do so from a position a deep respect and affection for both our rich heritage and our resourceful community, and in a spirit of optimism and playfulness.

TEDxSherborne WILL be a unique opportunity to bring the whole community together to create a conversation about the future that we want and to get us thinking about how we can be more intentional in achieving it.

I take great encouragement from the many of you who have believed in this project from the start and I’m deeply grateful to you for throwing your energy behind it so enthusiastically.  I believe that you wouldn’t be doing so if you didn’t see a latent need to create this conversation about our future and I hope this statement reflects your understanding of the spirit and purpose of what we are trying to achieve with TEDxSherborne.

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