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As news of TEDxSherborne spreads, ideas for talks and recommendations for speakers are gaining pace. Check out our piece in next month’s edition of ‘The Sherborne Times’ to find out more about how you and those you know can be involved.



  1. Glen tells us to expect November issue of Sherborne Times to ‘hit the shelves’ around 28th Oct….we will be announcing the open call for speaker nominations here on this website shortly after that.

  2. Hello there, I am very much interested in registering myself to talk to everybody about my Aristos Tropos Way of Wellness. I have been teaching it for about two years in Sherborne and in other parts of the world, mainly as a Wim Hof Method certified instructor. How could I get registered? Thank you! Piotr

    • Hi Piotr, we will be launching our speaker application process within this next week on the website. Please look out for announcements. Best of luck! Tony

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