School Assembly Talks Get Under Way

Last Friday, I began a round of school assembly talks across Sherborne to introduce school students and staff to TEDxSherborne.

Thank you so far to everyone at Leweston School, Sherborne School and The Gryphon School (Yr11) for your enthusiastic welcome. I’ve been incredibly encouraged by the response so far from all of your students and staff, all of whom have greeted the prospect of TEDxSherborne with terrific enthusiasm. It seems that many people share my belief that this is a fantastic opportunity to bring our community together, with schools at the centre of it all, to share our ideas for the future of our place and our people.


In my talks, I’ve been keen to stress the variety of opportunities for students to get involved and I’ve already had a number approach me directly asking how they can get involved.

More details will follow on this, but for now, the best advice I can give for anyone interested in getting involved is to follow this blog (click ‘Follow’ on the right hand side of this page) – this will be our main communications channel until we set up our social media accounts.

All of our local secondary school students are now taking part in a survey to generate insight into the issues that matter most to them at a personal, local, national and international level. This will provide us with invaluable insight to help frame an open call for speaker nominations that we know will resonate strongly with the young people in our community.

I now very much look forward to speaking with students from Sherborne Girls and The Gryphon School (Y11,12 & 13) over the next week. I’m also hoping to involve Sherborne International School, not least as their students will perhaps provide a contrasting worldview to our predominantly UK-centric one.

Watch this space for a summary of the insights that result from this first piece of research from our school students. We will publish the findings here in the next few weeks….

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  1. Thanks ever so much for joining us at Sherborne School yesterday. It is all very exciting and we await the results of the Whole School survey on key themes later today.

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