Introduction for Schools

Today I was warmly welcomed at Leweston School for the first in a round of assembly talks at our local secondary schools aimed at briefing their pupils and staff on TEDxSherborne, focusing particularly on the opportunities for young people to get involved:

  • As a speaker or performer
  • Speaker selection and support
  • Communications including social media and livestreaming
  • Event design and management
  • Film production and post-production
  • Community outreach and engagement

We will shortly be recruiting volunteers to help across all of the above areas – follow our blog feed for further details.

Participating in TEDxSherborne will be a great way for young people to develop skills or career interests, not to mention complete a volunteering section for DofE or even have something interesting to put into their UCAS personal statement to help it stand out.

Assembly talks are being held as follows:

  • Friday, 28th September … Leweston School
  • Monday, 1st October … Sherborne School and The Gryphon (Yr11)
  • Wednesday, 3rd October … Sherborne Girls
  • Monday, 8th October … The Gryphon (Yr10)
  • Friday, 12th October … The Gryphon (Yr12/13)

Attached are my speaking notes and slide deck for the benefit of staff or pupils who can’t make the assemblies or who want to re-use them in tutor groups etc.



Thanks again to Leweston School for giving me such a warm welcome this morning. I look forward to meeting with the other schools over the next couple of weeks…



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