CHANGE OF DATE – Organising Committee

I’ve already emailed around to those on the mailing list that, due to some key people being unavailable on 2nd Oct, I have changed the date of the first organising committee meeting to 9th Oct.

Tom Rimmer of Sherborne School has kindly offered to host this meeting at The Powell Theatre.

The agenda is now available below, along with a first draft planning note on roles and responsibilities….



Would anyone unable to attend on 9th Oct please take a look at these and let me have any thoughts prior to the meeting.

One comment

  1. Hi Tony

    Sorry I won’t be able to make the meeting tomorrow as I am working in London for a couple of days.

    Also , given the breadth of people and experience at the last meeting, I am not sure I am particularly suited to a key role on your committee, however I am happy to help out nearer the time or on the day.

    Good luck with this work – delighted to hear you are getting good engagement with the schools.

    Best wishes

    Philippa Chapman


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