Organising Committee First Meeting

Tuesday, 2nd October at 6.00pm – Sherborne Venue TBC (watch this space for confirmation of venue)

Following a successful initial briefing meeting, we will hold the first meeting of our organising committee in order to get the planning for TEDxSherborne 2019 under way. Key early decisions we need to make are:

  • Date for TEDxSherborne 2019 event
  • Project outline – key milestones, critical path
  • Allocate responsibilities for key elements of planning and delivery:
    • Programme curation
    • Speaker selection and support
    • Schools engagement
    • Marketing, communications and wider community engagement (incl.
    • Finance and fundraising
    • Production
      • Event management
      • Event design
      • Filming, photography, audio, live-streaming
      • Editing, TEDx platform integration

I am very grateful to have already had a number of volunteers come forward to join the organising committee for TEDxSherborne, but we need more. Please let me know if you would like to get involved at

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