The Journey Has Started

Our TEDx journey got off to a flying start yesterday with a fantastic turnout at our initial briefing event.

Huge thanks to everyone who came along. All our local secondary schools (Sherborne School, Sherborne Girls, Leweston and The Gryphon) were there in force, alongside representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses (Waitrose, Leonardo Helicopters, Ramsay Patterson, Barker Stourton) and charities (The Paddock Project), local media (Homegrown Media aka Sherborne Times) and a number of individuals with deep expertise and experience in event management, community engagement and media production.


After an initial introduction from me about TED and TEDx, including screening a video that captured the experience of TEDxExeter last year, there followed a great deal of discussion about our collective hopes and dreams for TEDxSherborne. For the benefit of those who couldn’t make it, those who have just found out about it, or those who were there, here is the slide deck that I used….


I couldn’t be more delighted with the energy and enthusiasm for this project. It is hugely encouraging and confidence-inspiring to know that there is already so much goodwill, know-how and resources in our community to realise this vision to an incredibly high standard.

Now the hard work starts.

Immediate next steps include:

  • Doing assembly talks during September/October at all the local secondary schools to introduce TEDxSherborne to students and staff and get them engaging in how we realise our theme of ‘Fit for the Future’
  • Convening our first Organising Committee meeting by mid October to make some of the initial key decisions (e.g. date of event, venue) and allocating responsibilities for key aspects of planning and delivery. I have already had a number of attendees from yesterday’s initial briefing meeting confirm their willingness to be part of this. If you are interested in joining the committee, please let me know here…

  • We will be launching a community-wide awareness and engagement campaign in October to drive nominations for a long-list of potential speakers for TEDxSherborne 2019.

In the meantime, make sure you ‘follow’ this blog for further updates and opportunities to engage.

Let’s get rolling!!!…

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