TEDxSherborne 2019 is a wrap!

Our inaugural TEDxSherborne has now taken place. All our talks are now available to watch here.

It was an incredible day full of energy, authenticity, realism and optimism in equal measure. Thank you to the many, many people who made the event what it was – the speakers, the performers, the production crew and the stewards – not forgetting, of course, our live audience both in the auditorium as well as the 5,000 or so people who joined us online from around Sherborne and the UK, as well in the US, Australia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Uganda.

Someone described it as ‘like giving Sherborne a defibrillator shock!’ We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. If we’re honest, that was always our intention – a good, well meaning, respectful shock of course, but a shock nonetheless!

In a few weeks’ time, we will have our final videos to share. In the meantime, whilst we wait for them to be edited, here are some of the best bits…

Chloe Dick of Sherborne Girls, speaking on conservation and biodiversity
Dr Benjamin Wild speaking on the magnificence of marginality
Stella Mortarotti of Leweston School, speaking on the importance of community in education
Rory MacLean speaking on what one person can do
Joshua Shortman of The Gryphon School, speaking about why democracy isn’t fit for the future
Angel Lulu Briggs of Sherborne Girls, giving a poetry performance

Kierhan Ellis speaking on why masculinity needs a reboot
Laurence Hayward of Sturminster Newton High School, speaking on why young people are disengaged from politics, why it matters and what we do about it
An inter-school ‘verbatim’ drama performance
An inter-school ‘verbatim’ drama performance
An inter-school ‘verbatim’ drama performance
Julie Plumley speaking on youth disaffection and crime
Andrew Grundell speaking on mental health in the community
Jocasta Cox of St Mary’s Shaftesbury, speaking on climate change and sustainability
Tom Payne speaking on the art of growing old
Tom Forrest of The Gryphon School, giving a poetry performance
Tony Cooke, licensee & chair of TEDxSherborne, introducing speakers
Our amazing line-up of speakers for TEDxSherborne 2019

Project manager, Dr Laura Barber, finally looking more relaxed
Programme Curator, Rebecca de Pelet and Head of Speaker Support, Chris Bird trying not to look nervous backstage
Our amazing production team, including Terry Bennett of Abbey 104 FM concentrating hard
Project Manager, Dr Laura Barber working in rehearsals with Adam Stones, one of our TEDx speakers